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New treatment with Ixogel® prevents disease

Current treatment 

Symptoms occur

  (Erythema migrans)

the patient consults his physician - treatment commences
Amoxicillin or other antibiotic has to be taken for 2 - 4 weeks

Zecke saugend 

Tick bite is recognized, however, no treatment commences


no early Symptoms occur

no treatment commences, thus


Risk that Lyme disease reaches 2nd / 3rd stage







Erithema mirgrans



Using Ixogel 

Zecke saugend                                         
Tick bite is recognized

Treatment commences immediately!

Tube Ixogel

2 drops locally for 3 consecutive days

Disease is prevented!

- Therapy initiated when tick is noticed
- Duration of therapy 3 days after tick bite
- Less side effects

- Risk of false diagnosis substantially reduced
- Risk of Lyme-Disease substantially reduced